Practical advice provided by Floyd’s resident hippy & sage…..Moonbeam.
Q; It seems that every time Floyd Fest rolls around I’m in the middle of a herpes out break……….. It’s so embarrassing and, due to my “condition”, I never get to hook up with a cool lead singer……….. I’m lucky to find a bass player from the Global Village stage! What can I do?
A; Fret no more…..think HENNA!!! Simply outline the affected area with decorative henna tattoos….add a little iodine for color & contrast… copious glitter and “voila”……… you’re virtually guaranteed to score a way cool main stage lead singer!
Q; Our Women’s Circle has been together for several years but lately a lot of bickering has developed. At our last gathering one of the matriarchs observed that our standards for the “Circle of Harmony” seem to have degenerated to “anyone with a vagina”. Any suggestions on how to separate the “wheat from the chafe”?
A; This is a common problem with alternative social groups as they usually forget the prime motivators for having a group in the first place. Exclusion is the “raison de etre” for belonging to any group. A group similar to yours faced the same problem many years ago. Initially the Crypts were a social group of rambunctious young men who shared similar views and a common passion for life…. much like your Women’s Circle. After a few years, however, their ranks swelled and their original principles were diluted. Soirees grew cumbersome …… cotillions were impossible and common standards of etiquette & decorum went out the window. To reverse this deterioration, the Crypts instituted a rigid set of standards supported by elaborate initiation ceremonies. To get the ball rolling, consider having your initiates execute a series of drive by blessings or a karma jacking prior to full acceptance in the group.