We’ve all had to endure the “Floyd Credentials Check Point”.  It’s like an airport security check point but you usually don’t have to spread your cheeks.   As the son on an itinerant dental floss farmer, I grew accustomed to this “establishment of bonafides” as a youth.  When asked how long you’ve lived in Floyd, I’ve found the following responses will endear you to locals & cement your rightful place in the community:

  • Pinch your chin & squint off into the distance & say:  “well, I guess our people arrived in these parts around 600 A.D., when the Wolf Clan Tribe first started wintering here……… and you?”
  • Hippies should look around in dazed bewilderment and say:  “Floyd……. no kidding!”
  • Glance at your watch & exclaim:  “10 minutes and counting… but it seems like a life time.”