As the food critic for the Floyd Enquirer I always receive VIP treatment at Floyd’s finer dining establishments. To ensure that each is fairly judged, I often go in disguise.  On my first visit to Floyd’s newest legal beverage emporium I went as Greta Garbo.  No one seemed to recognize me but this one biker kept winking at me….I assumed he thought I was from out of town.  Whisker’s reminds me of the main bar at the Hotel Roanoke…they both serve alcohol.  Beyond that, Whiskers is just a nice cozy neighborhood pub. The service is very friendly but Rick seems to spend an inordinate amount of time looking for any beer ordered except Bud Lite. You’ll know most of the barkeeps….Hell, you’ll know everybody on both sides of the bar. The beauty of drinking establishments is that they are great equalizers…..the longer everyone stays the lower the collective I.Q.  During my last visit we all reached that “lowest common denominator”….. everyone was exceptionally astute, witty & attractive….except Rick, of course.