After a particularly vicious fight with one of my fiancées I began to consider ways to ensure a more harmonious relationship. It’s really no wonder that relationships are so difficult……. early on we tend to dwell on the things we share in common and ignore our differences. We both love to eat pizza in bed…… we love The Captain & Tennille’s “Muskrat Love”…. and Newman is our favorite character on Seinfeld. But we tend to minimize differences that could possibly cause problems down the road……. she’s Jewish while I enjoy Aryan Brotherhood picnics…. little things like that may seem minor at first blush but could lead to discord in later years. Regardless of possible differences, I think I’ve stumbled on an idea that will make any relationship last until “death do ye part!” After the wedding vows and the exchange of rings, what if the minister performed one additional ritual to ensure the durability of the union….. a ceremonial full frontal lobotomies! No fights, no arguments, perpetual grinning, lots of hugging, kissing and, of course…………. a whole bunch of drooling.