A Rasta headed potter friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, is going through some tough times as his significant other wrestles with her first venture into the exciting world of “MySpace”. Apparently she only has 6 friends listed on her page while everyone else she knows has literally dozens. Worse yet, everybody else’s friends are cooler, better looking and have much better careers. Many even live in exotic and far off places……. the girls get bikini waxes and the guys call each other “Bro”.  Joey tells me the peer pressure is really affecting her and she’s feeling like a loser….. which, obviously, she is. To help increase her “friends” listings he’s stooped to posting her MySpace address above the urinal at Ray’s!  I was able to offer him some reassurance & guarantee that this would soon pass. You see, Michele is getting up there in years and by next year she’ll get a “social promotion” to the level beyond www.myspace.com . MySpace is reserved for young people still in possession of their vital life juices. In one more year, Michele will join my age group at www.nobodyfuckingcaresspace.com .