A friend of mine asked that I help publicize the fund drive for Floyd’s Jessie Peterman Library. Now I’ve panhandled in New Orleans & I’ve panhandled in Phoenix but I’ve never panhandled on the internet & never for such a prestigious & dignified cause. So, imagine Mr. T-Bone sitting in front of the library with a copy of “War & Peace” on his lap….  a dented tin cup wavering at the end of his withered little fist…. vibrating beady Charlie Manson eyes …. spittle all crusted up & gnarly in his nappy beard…….. wine stains up and down his Floyd Fest T-shirt….. a staccato rhythm of flatulence…….. Got the damn picture! Do you want me to show up at your house??? If not, contact Pamela at library@swva.net  & send her a bunch of money!