Last night a fellow came in to the Pine who is rapidly gaining a reputation with the local ladies for his verbosity….. we’ll call him Nathan. Nathan took up his usual perch at the end of the bar to await his prey….. boring me to no end in the interim. Fortunately, three female regulars stopped by in perfect sequential order to alleviate the evening’s ordeal. As each sat down & I delivered their beverages, he’d begin his well worn refrain; “Hey, you want to hear a good one?” “Please God, no!” I muttered as I departed for the far reaches of the bar………….leaving the hapless woman in his verbal clutches. I took peculiar delight as each woman, in turn, eventually rolled their eyes, took on that walleyed dead fish look and desperately looked for their moment of escape. As the last one struggled with her sanity, agonizingly gnawing at her paw stuck in this social trap…….. I approached the “couple by default” and commented; “you know Nathan, watching you work your magic in my bar these past few weeks…… I gotta say… all in all…. I guess I’m pretty damn lucky I don’t have a vagina!”