Ever wonder why so many Floyd restaurants shut down for a few weeks during January. For years local restaurateurs have gotten away with the “we’re doing a deep clean” line of b.s…  Well friends, it’s time someone ripped the lid off “The Big Lie” and gave you the lowdown on what’s been going down for far too many years right here in River City.  The total skinny on the shutdown ruse is that it gives Natasha, me, Kerri and other restaurant owners the opportunity to scoot down to Negril, soak up some rays & rum, hang out with Keith and Mick and, most importantly, fix prices for the coming Season.  Do you honestly think it’s a coincidence that all imported beer in Floyd sells for $3.50……….that all side salads weigh exactly 1.675 oz. or, for that matter, Celtic bands & Bernie seem to be on some weird cosmic musical rotation!  Floyd’s like any other tough urban market.  If not for the annual conference in Negril, & the resulting gentleman’s agreement, it would be utter chaos in the market place and you, gentle customer, would be the ultimate victim.  This way we get a nice tan and you get a nice wrap at Oddfella’s without a “run to the border” or listening to a stupid Chihuahua demean Hispanics.  Life is good amigo!