Welcome to Floyd!

Here is a handy guide to the 'Floyd Experience'

O.K. lets get it over with…… you’re going to hear “you ain’t from around here… are ya?” quite often. Locals don’t mean it unkindly….. mostly they’re just trying to figure out if a “non-platonic” relationship would be incestuous. As a visitor, the main thing you need to realize is that capitalism, along with every other cultural norm, is practiced a little differently here in the People’s Republic of Floyd. Many businesses are open by chance…… others by appointment only…..and, seemingly, some never at all. Also, don’t take offense at that ubiquitous Floyd sign displayed on numerous shop doors………. “Go away…. we’re busy….get a life!”….we’re just kidding. In light of our local business customs, visitors may want to call ahead prior to stopping by some of our fine establishments. Hopefully, you’ll find the listings below a handy guide for your “Floyd Experience”.

Wineries & Strange Brew

These fine folks continue the long Appalachian tradition of “home” brewed beverages. Just based on the number of legal “production facilities” in such a small County, one might think the entire population ought to join AA. Wineries, Meaderies, and even a hard cider facility…..ah, so much to quaff and so little time!

Shopping Opportunities

O.K., we’ve done our Woodstock/Twilight Zone version of Mayberry R.F.D. & you’ve had your “Floyd Experience”……. now buy the T-Shirt & go home!

Restaurants, Dining & Edibles In General

Another quaint Floyd saying you’ll hear is; “this ain’t New York City damnit!”……… usually said in response to any request or observation made by a visitor. Fortunately, like New York City, Floyd offers an exciting variety of unique dining experiences……….as long as you don’t mind wrapping it up and getting the hell out by 9:30!

Bars & Lounges

Are you kidding…… you’re still in the Bible Belt! Aside from Ray’s & The Pine Tavern, there are no bars in the County……..we still do most of our drinking behind the barn.  As of December 2015 liquor by the drink is now legal in the Town of Floyd – but we do still like to gather behind the barn for old time sake.

Live Music Venues

Floyd County host a veritable cornucopia of exceptional music & musicians……..blues, folk, reggae, Celtic, rock, metal, world, funk, jazz and, yes, a nauseating excess of bluegrass. If you stick around long enough, however, it will dawn on you that every band seems to draw from the same pool of eight musicians………

The Arts

Eclectic, exotic, esoteric……… Elvis on black velvet. It can all be found right here. In fact, Floyd boast more starving artist per capita than SoHo or Sedona combined. Not interested in supporting the arts through a traditional purchase? As indicated, our artists really are hungry…….. they’ll mow your lawn, baby sit the kids or bale hay!


Lodging & Camping

Really….. we’d love to have you stay at the house but the cats are allergic to kids and, quite frankly, none of us can stand your new wife………

New lodgings always being

added,please refer to


for more information

Area Events

Assuming you have a low amusement threshold, an equivalent I.Q………. and an affinity for corn liquor, you’ll discover endless minutes of entertainment here in Floyd. Be sure to catch the Floyd Honor Guard rolling up the sidewalks every Saturday night!

Floyd Area Websites

If you Google “Floyd Virginia” you’ll find over 390,000 sites…… that’s about 27.85 sites for every man, woman and child ……. add the livestock and it’s still around 15 per capita…… No idea what all the hoopla is about but take a gander……

Local Blogs

There’s not much to do in Floyd but there certainly seems to be a lot to talk about……much ado about nothing?